Thursday, February 27, 2020

Using Coordinating stamp and die-sets

It's Plane to See
Todays card was actually made a couple of days ago, but I haven't really felt like posting the last few days....but here it is. I meant to create a fun-looking card, which was not too difficult with this coordinating stamp and die-set from I have several more sets like this one, so if I can get back into a creative mood, I should make some more fun cards.

I finished a totally different type of card just a little while ago, using the trial cut-outs of a set of new dies I just received (also from Sometimes when I receive dies I like to try out cutting them to see if they cut well, or whether or not I need to use an extra shim in my die-cut machine in order to get a nice result. These frame dies were quite intricate, so I suspected that I needed to use my metal shim to get a clean cut, which I did. I loved the color paper (Peacock from Lawn Fawn, I had used so much, that I felt like creating a quick card utilizing the die-cuts I was left with after my trial run.

May All Your Dreams Come True
Since I have a fascination with dreamcatchers, and I thought the pattern on my frame die-cuts fit well with an Indian theme, I die-cut three dreamcatchers that I then glued on top of each other for dimension. I used Distressed Oxide Inks (brushed corduroy, peacock feathers, abandoned coral and squeezed lemonade) and applied them to the dreamcatcher with my ink-daubers. I used gumdrops in matching colors and placed them on the dreamcatcher as well as on the frame part of my card front. I finished the card by gluing the focal part of the card front onto a mat, also cut from Lawn Fawn´s Peacock paper. Last but not least, I stamped a sentiment, also from - from the Dandy Day coordinating stamp and die set from their newest release, onto some scrap pieces of paper, created dimension by adhering it onto the card with some foam-tape. After a rather long process of trying to decide where to put it, I ended up placing it in the middle of the card.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Kids Birthday card

Birthday card for a 3 year-old.
Yesterday my boyfriend and I had a family kid-birthday to go to, and even though my experience is that small kids never understand the thought behind card-giving, I had to make a card to bring. I don't know the child, a girl, very well, so I decided to go with a teddybear themed card, cause who doesn't like teddybears, right? I also chose a pink card base, as I know she likes pink. I created a sky and grass background by using dies and then I went with a new teddybear die that I just got. I was thinking it was a one-piece teddybear die, but it turned out that the bear came out in several pieces, which in a way was good, since I then could play a little with the colors of my bear. I wanted to show that it was a card for someones third birthday, so I incorporated a balloon that I glued the number three which I die-cut from glitter-foam. I then tied a string to the balloon and hid the knot with a small pink bow. I decided to stamp both the inside of the card and the envelope with birthday-bear stamps that I have.
The birthday-teddybear stamped inside the card.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

What's with the boxes?

A trio of Gift Boxes measuring 41/4"x3"x21/4"
With only one day back at making cards, I came across these really cute gift boxes on The Paper Pixie, Julie Dimatteo, originally designed them to hold two bars of a certain brand of soaps, however, they can be filled with whatever you want, as long as what you want to put into the box fits the dimensions of the box, 41/4"x3"x21/4".
Once again, Julie Dimatteo has made an excellent tutorial that is easy to follow:

I had a hard time stopping, and ended up making three boxes. I had lots of fun decorating them all in the end.
Purple and Grey Gift Box with a Bow

The Purple and Grey Gift Box seen from the side.

Pink and Grey Have a Magical Day Gift Box

The Have a Magical Day Gift Box filled with Snickers and Mars

Purple and Black/White Polka-dotted Gift Box

The Polka-dotted Gift Box seen from the side.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Twist and Pop Card

Twist and Pop Card, Friendship, front
Today I thought I needed to do something other than making boxes, so I went back to making cards. This card was loads of fun to make and I find it to have somewhat of a wow-factor. It is a so-called Twist and Pop Card and there are loads of tutorials on how to make it online. Since I am following Sam Calcott´s blog, I used a tutorial that she has on her blog to learn how to make this type of card. I have linked the tutorial below. It is well worth having a look at both๐Ÿ˜Š.
Twist and Pop Card, Friendship, inside
On the inside of the card I have stamped several friendship-themed sentiments and I have also put in panels to write messages on.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Impossible Gift Boxes

Impossible Gift Box, grey, rose gold and pink
I liked making the Impossible Popper Boxes so much that I decided to make another version of them as well, the Impossible Gift Box. These boxes only have one opening instead of two, and they measure 3" by 2" by 2". Like the Popper Box it can be filled with sweets, or if you like you can put a small candle inside it. 
Once again I got the idea from the Paper Pixie´s blog, and she also has another wonderful youtube tutorial which shows how to make these cute little boxes in a real easy way! 
A picture comparison between the two boxes
I made 4 of the Impossible Gift Boxes while I was at it, and although I tried to vary the colors in all of them, I plan to fill them all with sweets, or goodies, and give them away, therefore I kept the text on all of them the same. The text, GOODIES ENJOY, is heat embossed on a white circle on all of them. I have also finished off the decoration with a small ribbon in matching colors.

Impossible Gift Box, black, silver and gold

Impossible Gift Box white, silver and blue

Impossible Gift Box, blues and white

Template to the Impossible Box 

Impossible Box filled with caramels....yum!!๐Ÿ˜‹

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Impossible Popper Boxes

Impossible Popper Box filled with caramels
I have recently fallen in love with these "Impossible Popper Boxes" that I came across at Julie Dimatteo who has the Paper Pixie Blog also has an easy to follow tutorial on how to make this box on YouTube. Following this tutorial makes a fancy looking box quite easy to make.

Impossible Popper Box, brown

I found it so much fun to make this box that I made three boxes in different colors. The boxes can for instance be filled with sweets to give out as small gifts at a party etc.

Impossible Popper Box, green

Impossible Popper Box, green, open at both ends

My hand drawn template for the scoring of the Impossible Popper Box

Impossible Popper Box, purple, closed

Impossible Popper Box, open

Impossible Popper Box, showing the opening of one end.
I will make more of these boxes for sure!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tri-Fold Shutter Card "hang-up".

Tri-Fold Shutter Card, For a Friend.

 I feel like I am getting the hang of the style of Triple-Fold Shutter Cards after producing four more cards the last couple of days.

With this I tried to create a masculine version of the card. I have simply called it "Love"

I have two sisters I am very grateful for, and I decided to make almost identical cards of appreciation for them. This one has a dark purple base.

While this one has a light purple base.

Check out The Paper Pixie´s tutorial on making one of these cards:

Using Coordinating stamp and die-sets

It's Plane to See Todays card was actually made a couple of days ago, but I haven't really felt like posting the last few days.....