Saturday, March 28, 2020

Pop Out Swing Card

Pop Out Swing Card
Today's share is a Pop Out Swing Card. The card is fairly quick and easy to make, and it has a nice "swing out" effect. The card has been made by many people, however, I first saw it when I was watching Sam Calcott from, do a FB live yesterday. She will post a tutorial on how to do it tomorrow, so I will come back and edit this post and add it here, then.
In order to use the card stock I already have, I chose to make my card a little smaller, 5 1/2"x5 1/2", instead of 6"x6", than Sam did in her FB live.
I made a quick envelope to match the colors and size of the card.

Opened card

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Swinging Tent Fold Card

Swinging Tent Fold Card
Today's share is another Sam Calcott,, idea. The card is not to open, as the "pages" of the card are connected by a "tent-like" piece of paper which allows the card to displayed.

A side-view of the card, showing the "tent-like" piece of card stock in the middle.

There are plenty of room on the back of the card, to write or stamp a message.
As the title of the card promises, there is a swinging element to it, shown in the round window at the front of the card.
This little video is showing the swinging element.

Like I mentioned at the top of this post, this is a card posted by Head on over to her blog to see her beautiful versions of the card, or watch a tutorial of how she makes it here:

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Swivel Lid Gift Boxes

Swivel Lid Gift Box, yellows
Swivel Lid Gift Box, pinks
 Yesterday's project was another one that I have been wanting to try for a while, but that I didn't have the right flower dies to do in it's original form, the in my mind beautiful Swivel Lid Gift Box. This is another Mixed Up Crafts project that can be found on Instead of me writing a lot about how to do it, go to Sam Calcott´s video tutorial on youtube to see how an expert does it😊

The box measure 3 1/4" x 3 1/4", or 9,5cmx9,5cm, however, since it has a triangular piece in one of the corners, the actual item you put in the box, must be somewhat smaller.

Here you can see the triangular piece in the upper left corner.

My boxes turned out ok, but I found that I had some stability issues with them. They are pretty top heavy, and I had to enforce the sunflower itself, as I had used way too flimsy card stock on the yellow one, and it wouldn't stay out to the side when I opened it. So I cut extra pieces to glue on the first layer to make the bottom not just droop down. You also have to put something into the box in order for it to not tip over when you open it.
When there is something in the box,
the box has counter-weight and stands fine.

I had to put something underneath the sunflower,
in order for the box not to tip over when the box is empty.

Partially open box


However, all in all, I love how these boxes turned out, though, and I will most likely try to resize them so that I can use a smaller topper.
Thanks, Sam Calcott of Mixed Up Crafts!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Envelope Box Bouquet Card

For mye av det gode er helt greit...
I am totally in love with this type of card!!πŸ’˜ I couldn't sleep last night so I ended up in my craft room, where I finally put my procrastination to rest, and dove into the tutorial on on how to make one of these. I haven't wanted to try making one before, due to the fact that I don't have an envelope punchboard, and I was put off trying to make an envelope box on my score board. However, it worked out really well! So worth loosing sleep over!!πŸ˜‚

Go to or to youtube,, to see how it is done!!

The floral patterned paper is also used on the inside of the  card.

If you would like to add a message or a sentiment you can do so on the inside. It is easy enough to glue in a white piece of card stock to write on.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Smil - Love Box Card Series
I decided to make an addition to the Love Box series that I have been working on lately, and what is better than a box of cards?! The first card-theme I have chosen is Smile, or Smil as it is in Norwegian. I have bought a bunch of new stamps with Norwegian text, and although my plan is to make cards both with English and Norwegian texts, I decided that the first card-set out should be in Norwegian. I wanted the cards to be fairly small, but at the same time big enough that it feels like receiving a real card, and not a mini-card, I therefore went with a card measuring 5"x41/4" (ca.12,5cm x 10,5cm).
The box is an enlarged version of a card box the Paper Pixie has a tutorial for on her website, Her box is made for cards measuring only 3"x3".
I plan to add many more themed card boxes, as well as boxes for other things in the Love Box Series in the time to come.
Smil Card-Box, open

The Smil Card Box contains 5 different 5"x41/4" cards with handmade envelops

The Smil Box with its cards

Light Purple Smil-card

Dark Purple Smil-Card

Blue Smil-Card

Mermaid Smil-Card

Ballet Slippers Smil-Card

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Concertina Gatefold Card

Concertina Gatefold Card
Concertina Gatefold Card, backside

Taking a break from my Love Box series, todays post is a beautiful card I found at Sam Calcott´s blog As my title states, it is called a Concertina Gatefold Card, and it has a beautiful fold that gives it a rather stunning look. I decided to make one for my sister, Marianne´s birthday, and I had lots of fun making it!

I will try to show how I made it with pictures. OR, you can simply go to either, and look up "Concertina Gatefold Card, and you will find Sam's tutorial, as well as her video tutorial. If you would rather go to youtube, you can follow this link:, and it will take you straight to it.

You will need:

2 pieces of 10″ x 7″ cardstock.
You can score along the 10″ side at 1″,2″,3″,4″ & 5″ or 5″,6″,7″,8″ & 9″ it really doesn’t matter as long as you flip one of the pieces around so they are opposite to each other.
4 pieces of 3.3/4 x 6.5/8 mirror card to decorate all the side panels.
1 piece of 4.3/5 x 6.3/4 mirror card for the middle section.
1 piece of 4.1/2 x 6.1/2 pattern paper to decorate the middle.
1 piece of 3.1/8 x 4.1/2 coloured card for the middle topper.
1 piece of 2.7/8 x 4.1/4 card to layer onto the topper piece.
1 piece of 4.3/4 x 6.3/4 white card for the back
1 piece of 9.1/2 x 9.1/2 paper for the envelope.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The Love Box Series

Floral Purple Love Box

I am constantly trying to create new things, and once in a while I get ideas that I think (dream) could take off and become a "thing". The Love Box series is one of those ideas. My intention is to make beautiful little boxes and fill them with an item that might bring someone a little love in their daily life. The first boxes I have made, contain beautifully scented candles from Bolsius. I have used two different types of candles, one is in a small glass and the other are tea-lights. Bolsius is a candle company in the Netherlands,, and although the candles already have fairly nice packaging, I have chosen to take it one step further and make a decorative box to place them in. The fragrance is beautiful but poignant, and they come with an allergy warning.
 This is just the first of hopefully many items that I want to include in my so-called Love Box series.
Floral Purple Love Box with a Lavender Scented Bolsius Candle.

Floral Guava Love Box
Floral Guava Love Box with a Peony Scented Bolsius Candle

Floral Hot Pink Love Box

Floral Hot Pink Love Box with 18pcs Peony Scented Bolsius Tea-lights
Floral Brown & Cream Love Box

Floral Brown & Cream Love Box with a Vanilla Scented Bolsius Candle

Floral Brown Love Box

Floral Brown Love Box with 18pcs Vanilla Scented Bolsius Tea-lights
Floral Pink Love Box

Floral Pink Love Box with a Magnolia Scented Bolsius Candle

Pink Love Box
Pink Love Box with 18pcs Magnolia Scented Bolsius Tea-lights

Pop Out Swing Card

Pop Out Swing Card Today's share is a Pop Out Swing Card. The card is fairly quick and easy to make, and it has a nice "swing o...